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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-05-13 02:21:15
I'll be in France at that time. You have a better chance of getting nicer weather in August than in July (at least in France). I was in the south of Italy in August when I was there - a bit hot but not uncomfortably so.
2009-05-12 13:45:37
skip wait for photos from Italy to you;)
2009-05-12 13:02:05
I'm going in august, I would like to go sooner, cause I'm thinking it may be really hot then but I'm pretty sure it will be worth it!
2009-05-12 12:45:10
I have done quite a bit of Europe...I was in Italy in the 1980s, but not since then. It's a beautiful country. Are you going in the next while?
2009-05-12 12:30:41
Thanks connie, I really liked your italy pic today, I'm planning to go there, I know you've traveled alot did you say you had been there before?
2009-05-12 12:06:18
I love the light on that photo. Great set of photos skip.