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Old Comments:

2009-03-11 12:08:35
Hi Skokey - I thought the horizontal strip would make an interesting coversation piece ;-)
2009-03-11 12:07:05
Crawl back under your rock persona Cohise. I would have thought that the Queen Bee persona would have gotten bored by now.
2009-03-11 09:17:04
But it always happens to you; and to you alone. Are you uploading from your C-disc or from another driver (USB-memory stick or so) ? Have you edit this pic ? Are you uploading with a software program or so ? I like more your error-black pics? Anyway, donít tell in your comments that it is an error. Say, itís abstract art Ö Tip from Cohise, gratis for nothing. Cohise, only one address Ö!
2009-03-11 08:50:14
I have 2 Leonid paintings. I love them. The only thing wrong with the posted picture is the off color horizontal strip near the top.
2009-03-11 08:16:03
This is the art work of Leonid Afremo. I'm posting this photo for Juanpi, who said under another Afremo's photo that it was probably photoshopped. Juanpi is a fairly famous artist who has his own gallery. You can google his name and find all his beautiful art work. Again, another oops when dowloading. Gotinha and I uploaded at the same time, maybe that's why?