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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-10-18 15:41:04
Hello WitchGirl! Good to hear from you but I am sorry for your loss… just like Skip, I can identify with it since I have experienced the same. But grief for each of us is such that no amount of sympathy from others can alleviate it, only time and distance can. – Please come back as soon as you feel up to it, we miss your pics!
2009-10-17 23:56:35
Hi WitchGirl, I hope you've been well, I missed you, and your pics!
2009-10-17 20:08:01
it's like a dream..Hello poppy!
2009-10-17 19:20:37
Kewlistic pic! ;-)
2009-10-17 16:05:41
lovely pic poppy
2009-10-17 14:17:22
enchanting/ bring peace to mind/edify the soul