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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-03-25 19:07:24
Not in this place; I meant nostalgia for England in general. I lived in a very beautiful part of Surrey...
2010-03-25 03:12:20
Did you really live there poppy? and did you live in one of those cottages...if so, I can tell you now, I'm jelous! :)
2010-03-25 03:10:27
Thanks baloch1, I haven't seen you posting for awhile, but I havent checked out the newly added pics yet today..I hope your back :)
2010-03-24 21:26:26
Ah, nostalgia rules...I almost wish I were still living there. Almost. - Lovely pic, Skip!
2010-03-24 20:19:30
Nice pic skip
2010-03-24 12:33:24
Thanks Jack, did you check out WarlockGuys pics?he's got some cool one's too :)
2010-03-24 12:25:41
Cool lookin' little village there. :)