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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-02-02 01:34:55
Nice try, CC..but he's just going to accuse you of being me...tryng to use reason or logic with him is utterly futile...
2010-02-02 01:23:45
I am a premium user (not under this nick) with the vote power of 3. I frequently go to my favorite posters’ files and vote. Today I was in poppy’s file. Later I looked at the recent popular file, and saw this picture there with 31 votes. In poppy’s file, it had 28 votes when I gave it my 3 votes. What is the picture doing in the recent popular file? Equally mysterious is this: I voted several pictures to 11 votes and beyond, but NONE of them appears in the recent popular file. Troll patrol: You are a foul-mouthed troublemaker going around attacking people, principally poppy and patito. As you are wrong about this picture getting a boost of 20 votes when it only got a boost of 3 (which you have already taken away) then it stands to reason that you are wrong about many other things also. You are very good at name-calling and baseless accusations but how good are you at observing what really goes on here in Pixdaus?
2010-02-01 23:55:21
Pure comedy! Uploaded THREE MONTHS ago it "suddenly" getting popular with a boost of 20 votes!!! What a coincidence!! Was this one of your pics which wasn't popular yet, poppy? You and patito are the greatest dirty trolls at Pixdaus!!