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Posted By:poppy

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2008-08-26 06:28:44
Patito's not pulling your legs on this one folks - there is an Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX and it did feature Ralph the swimming pig from 1951-1994 (a succession of pigs named Ralph, of course). It closed as a theme park and conservancy was taken over by Texas State University. They still feature the glass-bottom boats and a wetlands preserve. My wife & I enjoyed it when it was still a theme park back in the 80's; my kids enjoyed it as a nature preserve just a few years ago.
2008-08-25 23:23:51
Oh, no..pigs swim quite well..during the sea battle off the Falklands between the German and British navies in 1915 the German ship Dresden had a pet pig on board named Tirpitz...Dresden's crew abandoned and scuttled her and left poor Tirpitz to his hour later he was seen swimming near the British ship Glasgow and was rescued, brought aboard and later awarded an Iron Cross by the Glasgow's crew for sticking to his ship after his shipmates had left.. I swear this is a true story ...there is also a famous swimming pig named Ralph at Aquarena Springs,at the head of the beautiful San Marcos river in Texas...most mammals can swim, though not all of them enjoy it..
2008-08-25 21:57:49
This photo speaks to says "Oh please, please let one of Mr. Sowa's piggies come running down the dock and take a great flying leap into the pond !"