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Posted By:poppy

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2008-11-13 11:39:00
“Pigs are a lot like us, their skins are pink, or black, and bare. They’re friendly and intelligent, if given half a chance and like it when you scratch them round their ears. I knew a farmer once who used to keep a special brush to groom his pig, an old enormous sow. She’d stand in ecstasy her eyes half closed, they seemed to have a special bond. Young pigs now scientists have found are playful and will thrive if children’s toys are put into their sties. They’ll play for hours with a squeaky doll, a plastic duck or a rubber ball. // Most pigs today are kept industrially in floodlit sanitised conditions on concrete floors in factory sheds divided into exact economic units calculated to maximise returns on capital so by and large there isn’t room to play or even turn. Our pigs are bred for slaughter in sterile air-conditioned abattoirs. If you, like me, eat meat, you can’t complain. Yet don’t you sometimes feel a qualm of guilt? And have you noticed how, in graphic art, we always rob the pig of dignity? It seems we have a need to show this friendly fellow creature in a jokey light, portray him as a cartoon figure out of Disneyland with his light-hearted cheeky grin and curly tail. It is as though we’re trying to make ourselves feel better and believe the pig is really happy with us after all.” --- “The Friendly Pig” by Pete Crowther
2008-11-13 09:42:36
great photo...cute little piggy...