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Old Comments:

2009-11-05 08:55:12
TeeHee. ;-) Finns have Magic.
2009-11-05 07:21:19
These comments made me think about a conversation I overheard one time in an airport lounge..some SAS stews at the nest table were discussing the 'staying power' of men from various countries they'd visited...they didn't have much good to say about any of them, though one particularly fetching long-legged Nordic beauty did allow that "Finnish guys last nice!"
2009-11-05 07:06:48
Sorry Poppy - Me and my loose fingers!
2009-11-05 06:27:04
YOU JUST DID! Jeez, Fuzzy, I wil never NEVER be able to trust you again!
2009-11-05 06:16:39
You're right - Some things should just be put in the past - especially since they were barely out of high school - but lets not bring out ALL the skeletons ; )
2009-11-05 06:05:18
Listen, Fuzzy, there are some things that you just have to be quiet about... right? Please...
2009-11-05 05:54:39
And then there was that fling with the twins - Was that ever a scandal!
2009-11-05 05:35:13
Jan was useless. He took all my money and ran...
2009-11-05 05:34:11
Sven, Sven, let me think Uh-oh, thats the chap I met after Id had my left frontal lobotomy; no wonder I could have no instant recall. Since you seem to know about him, why dont you tell me? I dont like to have gaps in my history.
2009-11-05 05:26:22
Or the on and off thing with Jan degrd?
2009-11-05 05:19:22
So- I guess that means we should not bring up that thing with Sven?
2009-11-05 04:47:01
Uh-oh, the cat's out of the bag... Patito had loose lips about Rolf and now you spill the beans about Lars... Cannot you two ever keep secrets? - Since you know about my hideaway and you liked it, I am willing to rent it to you. Just let let me know when, etc. I'll even throw in Lars... I'd advice you to do some really hard exercise and training prior to... err... the outdoor exercise an' all...
2009-11-04 19:53:09
I can attest to the fact that Poppy was warm and toasty in her snug little cabin because I visited there. She got her neighbour Lars Larsen to chop down some fine looking trees to feed her big gleaming wooden stove. He's a handsome Finnish fella - tall, blond and blue eyes. And those muscles - biceps, triceps, pictorals, hams, quads and so on!!! Yup, she was and night...if you get my drift ;-)
2009-11-04 14:48:16
Not a bit of it, Jerk of the Year! You're just envious and jealous because you never get to go anywhere. You're either in your dark and clammy wormhole, or else here in Pixdaus, making a monumental ass of yourself. What a life! Or, rather, the lack of it.
2009-11-04 13:23:30
I hope you froze your s off in that cabin, poopy.
2009-11-04 10:55:12
Great Pictures!!