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Old Comments:

2010-02-20 07:03:02
You have software that can track where your pic is being shown but you don't have the software to prevent that from happening? If you don't want this to be seen anywhere why did you put this on the Internets? Why don't you get the program to keep it from being copied or downloaded if you don't want people to share them? Since you don't have it you must know that all your photos are all over the world already. You must know that is what is going to happen. You were the one who put them on the web.
2010-02-20 06:44:39
I wanted to vote +++++, but I klicked by accident the red button (sorry, first time on this side, following a link from here: ). I think this picture is absolutely stunning.
2009-10-06 07:11:23
My software for the automatic detection of my digital watermark has notified me that one of my pictures can be found on this website. Did you ask me to show MY picture on this webside? Who removed my sign "www.akita-mani-yo"? Here you can find the original: Please immediately remove my picture from this website, it is illegal and a violation of copyright Hans Pollner
2009-01-05 07:13:26
The picture tells a story. Boater is leaving summer & going towards autumn - passing of the way. One golden leaf to remind him where he is heading - just one golden leaf. Sigh