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Posted By:ebitary52

Old Comments:

2009-09-27 09:01:27
Couldn't agree more...Fardin and other mass posters are like guests at a dinner party who feel they have to dominate the conversation by talking more and louder than anyone else...rude, boorish and boring...and there is simply no excuse for taking photos that others have posted and reposting them the way he and others do..this one is a perfect example..when it was posted by Ebitary several days ago he gave credit to the photographer..Pooya reposted it today and didn't say diddley-squat ...and thanks for you kind words...I really wouldn't want anyone voting for a photo just because I posted it....but I know there are people voting against photos merely because I posted them..same with Poppy and probably others...but anyone who expects the world to be fair is either very young or very foolish, right? We press on, make the best of things and find ways to enjoy the beautiful and the intersting .. : )
2009-09-27 04:45:46
I meant downvoting every single pic.
2009-09-27 04:44:08
I have to agree with you that it gets boring at times patito, but for me, when I'm just being a viewer, and not a poster, the thing that bores me is when people post way too many pics at once, I lose interest with massive posters, and I can't help thinking it's rude that some like fardin think it's ok to take other people pics from their file just because they are not the photographer, we may not be the photographer but we do go to the effort of searching different websites for good pictures, and a lot of us include their names, and information about the pic or the location.. I saw where someone asked fardin, where one of his reposts was located, and ofcorse he won't answer, because when he took the pic from someone's file he didn't bother to include the info. btw patito, I vote for a lot of your pics that I like and I try to help cause just like with poppy, when you see them hitting every single pic a person posts you know it's bull excrement : )
2009-09-27 03:19:20
Gettin' closer every day... :) Never thought I'd see the time when Pixdaus would become boring , but it's sure teetering on the brink of that.....between the massive uploads of spam, the reposts, and the tedious goodie-two shoes quality of much of the new stuff, it's starting to resemble one of those magazines published for old folks who live in nursing homes...but with the occassional girlie photo...part of the problem is that the trolls and serial downvoters have run off so many of the old-hand posters of photos with interesting content....
2009-09-27 02:46:23
lol...You mean you're not under that bus yet???
2009-09-27 02:30:12
..looks where have I seen this lately...hmmmm???