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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-01-04 11:57:14
Great pic of a beautiful tall ship.
2011-01-04 10:21:50
One great photo, for looking.
2009-07-03 14:36:23
Ok the above statement makes it sound like you're using your brain, only because naturally the same group of people vote down your comments,, But your comment on bashing the cats heads on the other pic,and calling poppy "poopy" is when you go back to sounding like a complete jerk. I like boats that's why I liked this pic, and I tend to compliment the people who answer back, I like the communication. Who's the loser?? it seems like you, You keep trying to get attention with the same stupid remarks.. cunnie's breasts, poopy, putito, are you ten years old?
2009-07-03 14:18:33
what a coincidence exactly -13 votes to both comments bunch of pathetic loosers you won't see me kissing your S as you do among yourselves
2009-07-03 11:24:22
Thanks, Skip... sailboats have a whiff of nostalgia about them which is probably the reason people like them so much. The same applies to steam trains, I guess.
2009-07-03 10:01:25
yeah sure, everything poopy uploads is great btw how are you poopy? send my regards to putito as you know cunnie has great breasts,I thought i might remind you
2009-07-03 08:21:06
I agree great pic altogether! I don't see many boat pics as good as this.
2009-07-02 17:21:03
Nice yacht!