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Old Comments:

2009-02-26 01:16:45
Just to clear somthing up .. That was not the original blank speaking - the blank who has posted so many pics here.. Nor was it the second blank who is enamored with connie, there is a third blank among us - who shall go unamed.
2009-02-26 01:03:48
PUBLIC APOLOGY I hereby apologize to McCartney for connecting wires that apparently were not connected. All he needed to have said was, as Patito indicated, "nope, it wasn't me," and that would have been that. Although that was not the way it played out, it nevertheless was not correct of me to make such hints in the first place. Sincerely, poppy
2009-02-25 23:49:44
Oh come on patito! "It could have been..." or "It has been..."! That's splitting hairs! Where is the difference? poppy wanted to say that McCartney was the guy who add these tags! To say he/she is a "neurotic hyper-sensitive prima donna" isn't fair, I think! You won't be amused also if somebody tell others that it was "possibly" you who do this or that! Why start poppy with that? Why does she almost say his/her name? Why didn't she said that it could have been a dissapointed Pixdaus user? Point. It wasn't very clever on both sides! You all have to calm down and enjoy the pics here! Peace :-)
2009-02-25 22:35:04
For the second time, Mac.."It could have been" is NOT an is merely a're photos were great, but I'm not sure they were worth puttin' up with a neurotic hyper-sensitive prima donna, which is what you're startin' to sound like..maybe you oughta just go ahead and hit the fuckin' road, huh ?
2009-02-25 10:23:35
"WHOA, there, McCartney! What did I ever do to you?" I can tell you: "In this case, it could have been a disillusioned new (?) poster who made a big scene about leaving, and thus he/she added tags to some posters original tags" That IS an accusation!! Yes, my pics were downvoted! But who was it? In this case, it could have been a disillusioned old (?) poster who made always a big scene about his pics and tags and not tolerate competition to his pics, and thus poppy voted my pics down. Oh. You don't think so? I bet you like to say "how can McCartney say something like that?" In one thing I have to apologize: Not YOU are a reason I had leave this site! It's because people LIKE YOU!!! "This is a fact of life here on Pixdaus: some posters downvote all the good pictures of some of their fellow posters." THAT'S WHAT I SAID AND THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO CRITICIZE WITH MY "DANCE ABOUT MY LEAVING"!!! It's not about MY PICS! It's about that things like that HAPPEN! And your comment above shows once more that you are too self-centered! I read a lot of comments in the last two weeks. And ALWAYS when someone vote your pics down or put some tags to your pics you made a big scene about it! (You even wrote mails to the admin, right?) And now you suggest to the public that it was ME who add tags to some pictures! Once again: Who the FUCK do you think you are? (Oh! I used 'foul language' again!) With common sense it ONLY need a week to see what's going on here!
2009-02-25 08:38:06
What? No trips to the Caribbean?
2009-02-25 08:33:28
Most posters and visitors don't know it but there are, in fact, prizes and rewards for photos with the most points. Every year the first place winner gets a one week all expenses paid vacation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The second prize winner gets two weeks in Tulsa, and the third place winner gets three weeks. The fourth, fifth and sixth place runners up each get a month in Bryan, Texas.
2009-02-25 08:26:30
I know it, t-o, McCartney does not seem to. But I am glad you're entertained. ;-)
2009-02-25 08:20:48
Um... you guys know these votes don't actually mean anything, right? It's not like you'll get a cash bonus or achieve world-wide fame if you have enough votes. But by all means, continue bickering. In its own, 'Reality TV' way it makes an entertaining addition to the pictures.
2009-02-25 07:48:05
Blank: Read my first comment again, I did NOT "affirm" anything. You say: "But when you read his 'leaving message' McCartney mourn exactly this tag adding!" He was not referring to THIS tag adding, on this picture; he said: "With 'teachers' who add the 'right' tags!" By that he meant the adding of proper, right, correct tags to pics that have none. - Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't need to calm down, I AM calm. I have not done any YELLING, or overusing !????!!!!!????????!!!!!!!, or swearing. ;-)
2009-02-25 07:29:28
McCartney: I did NOT accuse you of anything, yet you came here yelling: YOU REALLY START TO INCRIMINATE ME???, then used foul language, and then said I am one of the reasons you had to leave the site. Pardon me, but you already had done the leaving before my comment (to Beverley) on this page, so pray tell what you feel that I have done to you? You said in your Final Cut! that your pictures were systematically downvoted, and gave as an example from 13 to 8. Well, join the club, my pictures are systematically voted down also, sometimes by far more votes than your example. This is a fact of life here on Pixdaus: some posters downvote all the good pictures of some of their fellow posters. A couple of days ago, as soon as my new pictures appeared, they were ALL downvoted to minus 4. The pictures above mine were not downvoted (they were not good) nor were the pictures below mine downvoted (they were not good). The so-so pictures are not a threat, and are left alone. Once, my pictures were downvoted to minus 14, I reposted them and they did very well after that (the downvoters had run out of votes). - We are all aware of what goes on here, and no matter how much YELLING is done about it, it makes no difference. The paranoia I mentioned referred specifically to your going on about your pictures being downvoted as if you were the only person targeted here. It DOES take more than a week to know what is going on here, McCartney. You were so wrapped up in what was happening to you that you did not notice anything else. - You had good pictures, which was why some of them were hit. You are absolutely right when you say that this site should be about the pics that is what I and some others have been fighting about all along. But there is no way to force people to behave in a fair way. Anonymous worlds always ARE a jungle, and you either survive in them or you get out. You have chosen to get out, which is a pity because you have a good eye for pictures and you would be a welcome addition to our ranks
2009-02-25 05:27:36
Poppy's words, Mac, were "could have been"..that usage only suggests the possibility of is not an accusation..all you had to do was say "nope, it wasn't me," and Poppy and I and everyone else would have accepted you at your word...I've been reading Poppy's comments for a long time, and have exchanged enough thoughts and ideas with her that I can tell you she is a fair minded person, and she's not afraid to apologize if she makes a mistake...yes, she's fiesty old gal, and doesn't take any crap from anybody, but she has a keen sense of what is fair and decent..Again, let me say I enjoyed the photos you posted, voted for them, was looking forward to more, and sincerely hope you change your mind and stick around..but be warned..this is not a site for the thin-skinned, the hyper-sensive, or sissies who get bent out of shape over evey little thing.....
2009-02-25 05:11:31
Thanks, dude.
2009-02-25 05:11:04
What "fairness" do you mean, patito? poppy suggest to everybody on this site that it was ME who put this stupid tags under someones pics! You think I am fair when I told here to everybody, e.g. that it was poppy who wrote this tags? And this whole "only one week here": it doesn't take more time to see what's going on here!!! @poppy: I leave this way cause others should hear what is wrong on this site! I bet you think it would be better to leave without a sound! Than nothing will ever change! And stop being so self-centered! "I have gained another downvoter" Go to my profile and you'll see that I only vote a dozen times (positive for pics I like!) And your telediagnosis: "displayed distinct signs of paranoia" Again: who the fuck do you think you are??? To judge over other person you never met?? This site is not about you, poppy. And not about me. It should be about pics. But you play a judge here. And that's what I mean with playschool-atmosphere.
2009-02-25 04:23:40
Sorry poppy, but I really can understand McCartney! What is your reason to affirm that he/she put all these tags under the pictures? (I guess you talk about McCartney when you talk about "new poster who made a big scene about leaving" or am I wrong?) Come on poppy! You can't say something like this without an evidence! (And you nearly say "In this case, it could have been MCCARTNEY!") But when you read his "leaving message" McCartney mourn exactly this tag adding! So I must say that I have really a bit of sympathy for his/her reaction! (And does it really matter how long somebody has been on Pixdaus?) My suggestion would be: calm down McCartney. Calm down poppy, with a word of excuse you'll show real greatness! ;-)
2009-02-24 00:20:21
Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't know it was possible for other posters to ruin a perfectly good photo that way. I'm not exactly the language police, but it is unpleasant when people use words like that in a public forum meant to showcase great photos.
2009-02-23 23:07:07
Thanks, for your support, Patito! If I am a voice of reason, fairness and sanity, how come I always seem to attract the attention of the weirdos? ;-) I cannot say here what my 'theory' about McCartney is because then also he would know it. Anyway, seems to me I have gained another downvoter, heh.
2009-02-23 22:15:42
Wow...that whole Mac thing was interesting, huh ? He/she posted some very good photos, but clearly WAY too sensitive and thin-skinned for this community..made a drama-queen exit, then lurked around to see how we'd react,I guess...too bad..we could always use another good poster....Come on, Mac..settle down and post some more photos and try not to get your panties in such a wad and you can have a good time here...and if you do stick around you'll figure out that Poppy is and has been one of the voices of reason, fairness, and sanity on this site..
2009-02-23 21:59:32
WHOA, there, McCartney! What did I ever do to you? If you have been here only for a week, as you say, your quitting notice was a tad extreme and displayed distinct signs of paranoia... Pixdaus is quite a jungle, and it is not possible to get to know it and its 'players' in just one week. I cannot say anything about other voters, but I have voted positive for most of your pics and negative for none, and I have done absolutely nothing to you whatsoever, so how come I am one of the reasons you left? You know nothing about me. And what, exactly, IS your situation that caused you to vent your anger in such dramatic way? Judging by your reaction to my wild guess about who may have been responsible for the tags I was talking about, I just might have hit the nail on the head. New posters go in and out of here ALL THE TIME, stay for a few pics and then leave, but none has ever before made such a song and dance about leaving as you have...
2009-02-23 18:06:21
"In this case, it could have been a disillusioned new (?) poster who made a big scene about leaving, and thus he/she added tags to some posters original tags" YOU REALLY START TO INCRIMINATE ME??? Who the fuck do you think you are??? I only vent my anger about MY situation and the playschool-atmosphere on this site! God damn! You are one of the reasons I had leave this site...
2009-02-23 14:59:47
Unusual for me to come to the defence of artemis (since I've had a war against her about her cheating because she inflates her votes with foul means), but I do not believe that she is responsible for the 'foul language' (in the tags) that you are referring to. On Pixdaus we have what we call trolls. They go around spreading illwill and mayhem the best they can. In this case, it could have been a disillusioned new (?) poster who made a big scene about leaving, and thus he/she added tags to some posters original tags (I am one of those posters who was targeted). - Artemis does NOT respond to any comments, and it is highly unlikely that she would have written the 'foul' language in the tags in order to dirty her own nest. Everything after the tag "flowers" appears to be written by other people. I am no fan of artemis, but I do not wish anyone to be accused of something that they have not done. (I am 100% convinced that artemis cheats with the voting, but that is another matter.) Now that there is a message to you, Beverley, in the tags, the plot thickens and I am in the dark.
2009-02-23 13:36:35
Artemis, you posted a beautiful photo. Why must you ruin it with foul language?