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Old Comments:

2009-10-04 18:43:14
I did not have the P8 bit, either - just entered "38 3199, locomotive" and it hit because there was a story on this particular locomotive. Every locomotive can be traced by its number only. Glad to know there's another female Steam Train Enthusiast here besides Skip and me...
2009-10-03 11:52:51
Thank you for the info. I did try a google search of the number but got no proper hits probably because I didn't have the P8 bit. I think it is a beautiful engine. I just love steam trains having travelled on them often as a child. No other form of travel really compares with the excitement and drama of a steam train ride.
2009-10-02 18:47:45
It is possible to trace any locomotive by its number. This one is 38 3199, and its type is P8. If you enter into google: 38 3199, locomotive you'll get many hits, here's one: On that page you'll find this: Number 38 3199 of the South German Railway Museum (Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum) in Heilbronn has an unusual history. It was built in 1921 by the Linke-Hofmann locomotive factory in Breslau. It was initially designated as 2580 Elberfeld by the Deutsche Reichsbahn and later renumbered to 38 3199. It was last stationed at Breslau locomotive depot. As early as 1926 it was purchased by the Rumanian railways (CFR) and allocated number 230.106. In 1974 it was mothballed. Railway fans discovered it in the scrap yard and had it restored to full operation in Klausenburg in 1999 in the livery of the former Reichsbahn. Since 2002 the locomotive has been deployed again on museum services. I am a train buff and do searches like that all the time to see where a certain locomotive was built and what its history is.
2009-10-02 18:14:55
Nice engine - where is this from?