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Old Comments:

2009-05-27 07:02:27
You beat me.
2009-05-27 02:26:32
I have just found a way to write an ‘apostrophe’ that the system accepts in a pic title. After trying the proper apostrophe from Word’s insert/symbol function and several other marks that could be used as such, I finally found one that works. I think it really is an accent mark, but it’s the only one that let me post the cat pic just now. I inserted the mark onto a Word document which I then saved and kept open, and the copied and pasted the ‘apostrophe’ from the document to the pic title. Sounds complicated but really is not. I’m sure there’s a better and quicker way, but I don’t know it as I am not a computer wizard. ;-)
2009-05-27 01:39:40
Poppy, I tried a couple of months ago to upload my 'devil' series. It included this bridge (different photo)along with others ie devil's tower, devil's ........etc. I could not upload any of those photos. I could only think that Pixdaus blocked any photos with the name devil. Later on, I found out that we can't use apostrophes. Now I use, for example, devils bridge.
2009-05-26 14:48:28
Found it through google pic search: Puente del Diablo, Montañas Ródope, Bulgaria.
2009-05-26 14:41:33
Before anyone asks: I don't know the location. The photographer called it "Devil's bridge", but there are devil's bridges all over the world. The pics still will not upload if there's an apostrophe in the title. I've reported that bug, but it persists. "The bridge of the devil" does not sound quite the same...