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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2008-09-29 01:40:55
My comments come from postings put up by our Park Boards in our city parks. Also, a few years ago a veterinarian had an article in the local newspaper asking people not to do it. Birds die all the time. Have you seen any dead ones on the streets lately?
2008-09-27 03:40:55
Pardon me, Diane, but city sparrows eat just about anything and it does not seem to affect them. All outdoor cafes have their sparrow populations, and I have never seen any dead birds, ever, unless there's a special sparrow graveyard where they all go to die...
2008-09-27 02:01:33
An opportune time to tell all NOT to feed birds with bread. It swells up in the body and it can kill them. Feed them SEEDS instead.