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Old Comments:

2011-12-03 07:20:18
very cool tree....very cool
2011-04-18 16:25:51
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2011-03-10 20:13:36
good job! great )
2010-11-16 11:20:58
Sebastian is not Diego's son
2010-11-12 15:00:34
very very cool...loved it!
2010-10-15 14:24:35
The original:
2010-09-10 01:03:14
Прекрасна идея и изпълнение. Бащата почти не се променя през годините, майката също почти не променя вида си, но пък израстването на синовете е изключително интересно. Всяка следваща година най-симпатичния от тях е различен. Наистина, невероятна отдаденост е необходима за изпълнението на този проект. Пожелавам им още много години съвместни портрети! Късмет :)
2010-08-23 06:56:04
Hey they have a time tracker.
2010-07-26 23:30:59
Interesante el cambio físico de la mamá. Las fotos estarían mas bonitas si ella estuviera sonriente y arreglada...!!!
2010-07-16 00:38:55
In all these pictures, no one is smiling enough to show their teeth. But this truly is a great work of art.
2010-07-11 21:35:04
wow wat a thought process !!!
2010-07-11 21:34:18
wat a thought process !!!
2010-05-16 03:44:10
How we change, but not really over the years!
2010-04-27 00:04:09
Fantastic. Incredible commitment. Talk about delayed gratification!
2010-03-04 03:47:05
Me apaixonei !!! I'm enchanted by the guy in the last pic !!!
2010-01-19 11:51:02
Nice, do you use any software to get the Heads in the middle of all the pictures? I've tried and it works good
2010-01-12 08:38:29
Diego Goldberg happens to be a well known argentinian photographer. He's been former french president Fanois Miterrand's personal photographer. It seems that photography was just created to this...
2009-12-20 10:01:30
A remarkable sequencing of change. Beautifully done. Thanks.
2009-11-21 18:42:14
Diego, dear : Can't you see that you are Absolutely the same ? Congratulations for the 'diary'. Enjoy life. With affection, Emil
2009-08-06 15:01:03
age is cruel
2009-06-24 16:17:26
I agree, it's great. If you want to do your own photo chronology album, the web tool "" might help you. For examples, check the blog at :)
2009-04-25 09:27:58
the father is a professional photographer
2009-04-24 01:24:24
I don't think it would be too difficult to do this retroactively for those who really dig the idea but feel it's too late. How hard could it be to find a photo for each year where you're looking at the camera (especially for the kids). Side note: those are some attractive young men. Had to throw that out there.
2009-04-17 16:32:28
very nice seemed like when they were younger they looked like the mom but older towards the dad
2009-03-31 05:28:55
Crap load of kids don't they know about condoms ?
2009-03-29 15:28:33
Wow, that is AWESOME ASSSS. Like seriously, i wish i could have done something like that. show how ugly i turned bahahaahah
2009-03-29 15:28:31
Wow, that is AWESOME ASSSS. Like seriously, i wish i could have done something like that. show how ugly i turned bahahaahah
2009-02-23 17:11:30
great,true human history
2009-02-09 20:23:20
Very very cool. Nicholas and Matias are like identical twins, only one year apart. Interesting project. Thanks for sharing.
2008-11-03 00:19:16
one of the better ones I've seen on pixdaus.
2008-10-13 20:23:24
2008-09-16 18:16:25
How did something this stupid get so many votes?
2008-06-25 03:06:55
first son: niiiiice! really really cool pictures
2008-06-15 10:24:14
Great job!
2008-06-01 21:43:39
Or ... well, just cautious. No?
2008-05-31 18:02:55
What a remarkable work of dedication of thirty years. I assume that either one or both parents are scientists?
2008-05-15 08:58:33
Kick ass!
2008-05-14 05:40:53
Esto debería hacerlo todo el mundo. Mis saludos desde España a esta familia, que parece buena gente.
2008-05-10 07:39:58
nawara esta muy calidad siga asi y sobre todo siga unido como familia ok bye
2008-05-06 23:04:44
El más guapo el pequeño. Vaya cuadro el resto
2008-05-06 08:26:40
Curioso, los tres hijos s dejan barba como el padre
2008-05-06 07:28:22
2008-05-05 19:36:27
love it.
2008-05-05 13:35:20
2008-05-04 05:27:28
2008-05-03 00:19:03
This is a very nice set of images. I think it would be a very good test for Age Progression software.
2008-05-02 20:44:44
It seems that these children would be very obedient ajajaj
2008-05-02 18:04:03
It seems that these children would be very obedient ajajaj
2008-05-02 14:47:18
I only wish I had done the same thing. Thanks!
2008-05-02 14:24:58
wonderful idea! I have also three sons and I know how it is happy to live in so a great family
2008-05-02 14:23:49
Excellent - lots of dedication went into making this!
2008-05-02 12:38:59
wow, very cool.
2008-05-02 11:51:41
totally fantastic. wooooooooooooooow, what an amazing record.
2008-05-02 11:28:43
like the idea
2008-05-02 09:03:50
Amazing! I love it!
2008-05-02 08:36:49
Nicolas looks like some kind of monkey
2008-05-02 08:03:58
Great collection. thanks for sharing
2008-05-02 08:03:28
that's a fairly impressive record - but what did the babies do to get themself arrested too?
2008-05-02 07:58:39
Very cool :)
2008-05-02 07:32:10
Muy buena idea, seguro que pensaban subirla a internet en el 76 no... Saludos, felicitaciones por la hermosa familia. Jorge.-