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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-12-30 21:28:11
I made this picture in north germany (Ostfriesland).
2009-03-20 08:23:07
Yes, I knew it started with tu ;-)
2009-03-20 02:50:40
You mean turf houses, don't you?
2009-03-19 16:25:54
Yes, England is famous for thatched roofs, and so is Brittany. I thought that this one was in Iceland just at first glance, because their old houses were partly below ground...or they had settled down down because of the soil. I think, they called them something like tuft houses or.... This is a nice and unsual photo.
2009-03-19 13:50:12
No, Connie, I think this one is from Germany. England is also famous for thatched roofs.
2009-03-19 06:35:06
Poppy, is that one of those 'tufted' (or some other name) homes found in Iceland and perhaps in other Scandanavian countries? I have a few in my folders.
2009-03-19 02:47:07
oh wow
2009-03-18 14:37:04
There is a romantic dash in this picture....