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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2008-08-26 11:40:33
duh , look before inserting foot !
2008-08-26 11:36:52
this is a good picture period. nature is amazing, thanks poppy...good to see ya just sayin, I'm still waiting for the just sayin show and patito could be your partner. your both funny!!
2008-08-26 11:26:12
I've been there. In situ, that hoodoo is just as it appears in this image.
2008-08-26 11:21:00
I have seen that centre spire in many photos, and I see no 'shopping'. Besides, I have never seen a manipulated Kushch.
2008-08-26 11:11:02
Shopped...poorly, center spire.
2008-08-26 10:57:33
Misspelled the photographer's name, it should be Kushch.