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Old Comments:

2010-06-04 15:40:18
Not me either. I ventured out once as Rat Patrol and Police to babble 'duplicate' or 'duplicate of a duplicate'. I felt so guilty I stopped and told you all what I had done. It's my 'Catholic Guilt'. I'll stick to 'Connie' only; I get enough problems with that one name heehee;-)
2010-06-04 13:03:51
Not me, Fuzzy Blue One. I post only under PictureGirl and no-one and nothing else. Can't see the sense in posting under other different names.... :(
2010-06-04 12:32:18
Almost everyone here is someone else also :)
2010-06-04 03:30:42
About a week or so, someone else responded like Observer did, and had to admit that he/she was using two names. There is nothing wrong with posting photos under two names....but this is funny ;-)
2010-06-04 03:16:30
Observer, why are you responding to a question posed to Ademir? Are you Ademir? No matter, both of your nicks' pictures are good. :)
2010-06-04 02:52:59
I reside in Rome, Lazio, Italy...
2010-06-04 02:52:05
I reside in Rome, Lazio, Italy...
2010-06-02 15:23:20
Ademir, while I like this photo very much, these comments have nothing to do with it. Actually they involve speculation as to where you reside. Nobody seems to know this and you are apparently disinclined to comment, but I am going to throw in my 3 pesos worth. There has been a great deal of speculation that you were from Brazil. Apparently this is based, in part, on the fact that Ademir is very popular name in Brazil and that the name is well known from several internationally acclaimed soccer players from there. But I think that this has been debunked and probably Ademir is a Portuguese name in the first place. Other speculation is that you are from Europe, and perhaps Italy, but I see nothing to support that contention. You posts and comments often occur inbetween the Australians and the Europeans and that suggests that you might reside somewhere in that wide area between the two regions. When I put the Portuguese connection and the regional gap in my cross hairs, I come up with a single conclusion. Macau. Is that right, do you reside in Macau? Your use of English is another clue to me. You seem to read and write with comfort in English. Much better than most asians. It would seem to me that English might be something that you use everyday and that would fit in with Macau, where I suspect English is a strongly used third language behind Chinese and Portuguese. Then there is a vague Chinese connection that I can't quite quantify. However, if you 'google' your name along with Pixdaus, you will come up with a few hits and most of them are in Chinese. So this, if there is any merit to it, fits in with the Macau location. But, why don't you just put this speculation to rest and tell us where you reside?