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Posted By:ademiromano

Old Comments:

2010-10-03 06:09:11
....and Patito is also the Pope, Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, and most probably John Wayne.
2010-10-03 04:58:46
They are both Patito !
2010-10-03 04:42:50
Good answer, but not the real one ;-)
2010-10-02 23:05:46
I'm schizophrenic.. :)
2010-10-02 11:53:50
....and someone ask Ademir a question, and Observer responds for him. Are you two co-joined at the hip, or....? The truth, please ;-)
2010-10-02 11:51:33
Ademir posted this photo; two minutes later Observer posted the same. And, folks this happens often with those twins ;-) Verrrrry interesting!