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Old Comments:

2008-08-04 22:27:31
well _9999 first of all im not a boy/man,second i don't allow you to talk to me like that,third if you like it,add as many pics as you want,internet belongs to everyone
2008-08-04 19:58:37
....kai den eimai boy ok?
2008-08-04 19:53:52
se kapoioys aresei na lene anonyma blakeies.
2008-08-04 15:54:17
signing out as "_9999", go ahead and steal my tag, as you did before with fyi, loser. have fun.
2008-08-04 15:47:51
hey you, stalker. are you the pixd admin/ or just some lonely geek? some people have a sense of humor. you need to chill your shit out, ok big boy? yes, you. calm your shit down, big tough internet guy. okee-dokee?