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Old Comments:

2008-07-30 07:16:51
IT'S AN IMAGE PEOPLE!!!Cool images is what pixdaus is about. So many are appalled by digital art.It is ART! Whats so hard to understand about that!Some of the BEST ART Ive ever seen was digital!
2008-07-30 01:22:35
I put this photo up months ago, not recently, and since seeing all the remarks I would not post somthing like it again, besides Kevin Walker is doing a great job with pictures of space and planets.
2008-07-30 00:42:15
i agree, it's kitsch--in a bad way.
2008-07-29 04:55:13
Randomized Planets with the easiest planet-generator-plugin ever.. Photoshop + Flaming Pear LunarCell for the planets + Flaming Pear Glitterato for the background
2008-07-28 20:57:13
If it were a depiction of our planet, then I might consider it trashy :)
2008-06-24 06:03:18
Very cool
2008-06-07 18:08:54
Are you kidding? trashy? I don't know what the russian word means, but the other words you used don't seem to fit the picture. The photographer/artist called it planets in nasa. I saw it as art, and to say it more simple...I like pictures of space or planets.. are you sure you didn't accidently hit the wrong picture?
2008-06-07 16:43:44
This is a stupid, trashy, shallow, derivative image. The Russian word "poshlost" comes to mind.