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Old Comments:

2012-12-30 15:00:01
Beautiful picture
2009-05-08 18:29:49
Awww! They are so cute..What a lovely photo.. Congratulations. I love it.
2009-01-03 08:35:57
I have had dachshunds for 15yrs and had both those colors. Reminds me of my sweeties. Very nice pic.
2009-01-03 06:59:01
I like it, too. Artemis. Stop downvoting on my pics, I do not downvote on yours.
2009-01-03 06:40:30
I liked its picture
2009-01-03 05:05:21
the blk one looks like my pup peanut when she was a a young lass ! very cute photo !