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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-09-11 10:49:09
Just goes to show what incredible magic power tequila has: I did not even know I could speak Spanish. ˇOlé!
2009-09-11 09:42:57
Well, was that night in the cantina after we'd finished off those three bottles of tequilla and had started drinking beer...after the second round , just before you passed out under the table, Poppy put her arm around your shoulder and said "Andre, mi amigo muy estimado...por favor...quiero postar unos de tu photographias en un website...." and you said. "bueno, mi problema.." just before you closed your eyes and slid off your, es porque tu no recuerdas.......
2009-09-11 09:04:11
i do not remember authorizing this site to use my picture ! Please give explanation