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Old Comments:

2008-04-04 05:37:36
that parrot's got something weird stuck to it's arse
2008-04-03 14:15:50
You may be right, happyfappy. There's one dead bird on the suitcase. But the one on his hat seems real. Hi, GOTINHA! :) I've been very busy lately and wasn't at home during the Easter holiday.
2008-04-03 02:34:00
what I find strange, is that he has another (stuffed/dead) parrot lying on the saxophone bag. I suppose the one on his head isn't real either?
2008-04-03 00:57:13
Hello, Schumi. I haven't seen you around for a long time. :-)
2008-04-02 23:07:34
Thank you GOTINHA for this great photo! :)
2008-04-02 22:11:23
I love this