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Old Comments:

2008-09-29 14:35:46
TION: Your question seems to be directed at me, but I am afraid that I do not understand it. May I have a translation into English, please.
2008-09-29 12:12:57
Hay Girls...~:-)
2008-09-29 12:08:07
Êàê æå Âàì óäàëîñü çàñòèãíóòü áåçëþäüå?
2008-09-28 02:20:38
The votes have nothing to do with you commenting, Skip. ;-) Comment away! And thanks, I love these type of things, too, especially colonnades, they have a charm about them that modern architecture seems to lack.
2008-09-28 01:41:37
I told ya its better if I dont comment, my vote was taken away. but then again for every smart ass theres somebody who just votes for the pictures too.
2008-09-28 01:29:36
just went to the newly added page poppy, and it was love at first sight!! I love pictures that show great achitecture.thanks