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Old Comments:

2009-02-21 10:13:10
the fights are not fair and are sometimes rigged where the bull is wounded pre-fight or its horns are filed down so as to be less dangerous. the matador always has a number of allies waiting in the wings who run out to draw attention away if things get too rough him. who does the bull have helping him? no one. the only good matador is a dead one.
2008-10-10 22:09:01
J.S., were you abused as a child? or does your wife hit you? what exactly is the problem in your life? you should see a psychiatrist.
2008-10-10 07:56:02
Somebody's gonna get hurt... REAL BAD!!!
2008-10-05 10:04:38
Yeah...look at all the blood on the bull's horns...mercy...hope he gave a real thrashing to the retarded before all his helpers came...
2008-10-05 08:45:51
Bwahahaha... I agree. No sympathies.
2008-10-05 03:11:49
No sympathies for the torturer, but all sympathies for the tortured!