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Old Comments:

2010-02-03 09:43:47
If the photographers do not want their photos to be copied and shared they have the choice to make it impossible for anyone to copy or link to it. They have that option and ability. If they have opted NOT to do so they must be aware that their pics can and will be circulated. Putting up pics here would be like me picking up a magazine and saying "Hey look at this pic isn't it great?" -or if I had torn those pics out of the magazine or book and put them up on a bulletin board or my wall to share so others could see them. I am not claiming ownership or that I created it or asking for payment just to look at the page from the magazine.
2010-02-03 05:14:03
You'd have to be crazy to pay a photographer for a photo that is put up free by them, meaning they are free for anyone to download and they end up on dozens of picture posting sites... not just this one, if they don't want their pics circulating, and being seen by thousands..they should block them....period.
2010-02-03 02:07:38
I think there should be a lawsuit for 90% of all Pixdaus members. You are all stealing other photographers work and posting it here. Giving the photographers name does not disqualify you from being a thief. Talk about losing business, if you steal a photographers work that you should have paid for, that is losing money and business from the original photographer.
2010-02-02 12:18:23
don't you think owners are trying? posters have been banned, mostly for porn. this one more clever, or have access to entire room of computers maybe.but if you leave, I leave, everyone leave troll has won battle and site close down and we have no beautiful pics to see. don't let him beat us like that. please be brave
2010-02-02 11:47:32
I totally agree. I am a subscription user and I am having serious thoughts about cancelling unless Explode is exploded off this site! Adam.