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Old Comments:

2008-08-30 10:07:30
What a disgusting waste of oil money,to create an obvious phallic symbol.I personally hope someone flys a jet into it.
2008-08-16 11:53:54
Gee, what a brilliantly clever and original remark, Gosh...I don't believe I've read that same wise crack more than about twelve or fifteen times in the last year or so..
2008-08-16 11:46:03
Dubai's a city on crack.
2008-08-16 09:31:54
Burj Dubai is what money looks like when it masturbates...
2008-08-16 05:37:05
Looks a leeetle too much like a blueprint, with all the pastel colors, etc.
2008-08-16 04:34:43
yes, mcraptor, earthquakes are common in the Dubai area, that's why they are building this incredible multi-billion dollar building, because Dubai is tectonically high-activity. go back to your drugs.
2008-08-16 01:07:47
Do earthquakes occurr in the Dubai area?