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Old Comments:

2010-11-05 16:47:11
I was intrigued by this photo and uploaded it after viewing it on the internet with no known photographer. After doing a bit of research, I believe that the photographer was Cornel Puffin, and I would like to mention this.
2010-11-05 01:57:31
Don't be so hush to yourself HJ. Like I would know where are the some states in USA. Without looking on the map I'll show you California, Florida, Hawaii and Alaska. The rest of state's... Well, that will be a lough of the day.
2010-11-04 16:52:13
I am sorry but there was an error in the caption for this photo. Both Peasant and Witch Girl have pointed this out to me and I thank them for that. Bukovina is not a region of Bulgaria, but rather of Romania where it is in the NE on the border with Ukraine and not Austria. Sorry about the previous error.