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Old Comments:

2010-11-05 16:45:36
I was intrigued by this photo and uploaded it after viewing it on the internet with no known photographer. After doing a bit of research, I believe that the photographer was Cornel Puffin, and I would like to mention this.
2010-11-03 18:08:30
You're welcome Happy Jack. I wrote in my first comment here in my country it's Bucovina in Ukraine it's Bukovyna. Have a nice day!
2010-11-03 17:31:00
Thank you for the correction peasant and WitchGirl. I obtained the photo, that I really like, with virtually no information and had never even heard of Bukovina before. Is Bukovina correct, or should it be Bucovina? I am North American and have been to Europe several times, but only to western Europe and to Scandinavia.
2010-11-03 02:27:39
Albert Einstein kinda summed up this sort of situation in one of my favorite quotes ...he said "Only two things are infinite..the universe and human stupidity." We're supplied with verification of the latter almost on a daily basis here at Pixdaus.. : ) Have Fun, Guys !
2010-11-03 02:11:45
Ignore him/her. I thought that I settled this patito/peasant thing but some people... I don't know, seem like they using cocaine and LSD all at once... :I
2010-11-03 01:52:49
And you are part of the "intelligent peoples" ( i guess being so intelligent you meant to say "intelligent people" not "peoples")? ...but never should check photos that i uploaded long time ago...and you'll be able to see that today is not the first time i said i am from Romania. Enough with these stupid insinuations...really it's enough!
2010-11-03 00:13:11
Oh very clever Patito, trying to pretend to be people from two different countries. But you only fooling the stupid peoples, not fooling the intelligent peoples. We know both Witch Girl and Peasant are really you.
2010-11-02 21:03:28
You're welcome, Peasant! Romania it's a beautiful country with a lot of great places to see. Have a great day! :)
2010-11-02 21:00:30
Tnx WG, I take a quick look on google search for pictures of Bucovina and found really great pictures. I hope we'll see more of those pictures here.
2010-11-02 20:45:55
No it doesn't have the same meaning. The region has a big variety of landforms from mountains and hills to forests, plains, rivers and lakes:) it's great place..worth seeing :)
2010-11-02 20:38:23
...and Bulgaria don't have border with Austria. @ WG: Bukva on Croatian means beech it's sort of a tree. So Bukovina could be translated as a "beech region". Does it have same meaning on Romanian?
2010-11-02 19:20:39
I hope you won't be offended but Bukovina(Bucovina) isn't in Bulgaria . It is a region in my country..Romania. "Bukovina (Romanian: Bucovina; Ukrainian: Буковина/Bukovyna; is a historical region on the northern slopes of the northeastern Carpathian Mountains and the adjoining plains. It is currently split between Romania and Ukraine." Have a great day!