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Old Comments:

2009-06-19 14:46:11
good job connie
2009-06-19 12:13:13
Those comments were posted under the bamboo photo...mine were from a collection of french phrases entitled "Things to say to annoy your French waiter"...hope none of 'em were too bad..
2009-06-19 11:59:15
I would gladly do so, but where is the comment? Under what picture? Who's the or me? Quack quack
2009-06-19 11:53:36
You do just fine, Ms C..and I'm among those who appreciate your efforts...sometimes things work out, some times they don't, but I hope you'll keep Pappy used to say, a faint heart never filled a flush! And by the way, I'd appreciate it if sometime you'd tell me what I said to Madam Libelleule ( I know it was something about frogs ) and what she said back..merci...your devoted fan, Petit Canard
2009-06-19 11:50:20
Don't worry, Connie, at least we've had some fun with it! It's a mark of distinction to post a 'Connie pic', you know. I haven't got there yet. My "Lake Yellowstone Sunrise by Kurt E Warner" of today was so big that I thought that I was going to join the club, but no. I tried...
2009-06-19 11:42:46
Yeah, considering I don't make them; I just upload, and not always successfully ;-) I posted a photo of half-dome but it's blank - not even black. Good thing I'm slowly running out of photos to post; I'm getting to be a predictable bomb when it comes to posting.
2009-06-19 11:17:37
You're getting rather good with these animations, Connie! I am envious. ;-)
2009-06-19 11:06:27 takes a while to load