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Old Comments:

2010-08-20 14:20:36
So it sounds like springs on the way, that's something to look forward to Mary, I'm sorry it's been so cold there for you this winter. and yes I love the autumn colors around here, and even though it's hard work with the leaves, I like being out in the fresh air. I think there's really something beautiful about every season of the year. :)
2010-08-20 14:01:48
Yes, that's right, Skip. The blossom, daffodils and wattle are all out now, but it is still quite cold. I've had to wear double the clothing around the flat, it's been that cool. We haven't had it like this here for quite some time. I hope that the leaves won't give you too much work to do this autumn, Skip. That sounds like very hard work. I'm glad that I don't have to worry about things like that. But it must look so beautiful in your garden in autumn time with all of your beautiful trees. And yes, the pictures here make up for the lack of sunshine... :)
2010-08-20 13:55:49
Well that's when we have to make our own, like with pictures like this, or some music you like, the weather's been great here but, summers almost over, then it's back to the yard and dragging those leaves around! and meanwhile you'll be moving into spring right?
2010-08-20 13:34:19
Thankyou Skip. I wish that we could have some real sunshine here today. The sun is trying, but we have too many clouds over us... :(
2010-08-20 13:29:24
Very pretty Mary, a little bit of sunshine! :)
2010-08-20 12:43:41