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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2009-11-21 07:20:38
That's funny and an excellent idea peasant, but I tried it and I couldn't get it to work. I saved this animated bug to a file, then tried to send it in the body of the e-mail. That didn't work, so I tried to send it as an attachement, and that didn't work. Sigh!
2009-11-21 06:55:50
Oooh, I love that, peasant! That’s really Pixdaus: bugs, trolls & Co…
2009-11-20 23:52:23
You can always send this post by e-mail to your friends. That's how I get it... There was a note: By the way.......I found a bug in the last E-mail you sent................... (bug) Here - you can have it back. :)
2009-11-20 21:56:58
I knew that it was a 'posted' bug. Didn't fool me... :)
2009-11-20 16:12:45
I had a fine time trying to get rid of it before I twigged! Very clever.
2009-11-20 14:00:24
Yikes! I had forgotten to vote because I was so confused with this bug ;-)
2009-11-20 13:13:13
My little cat keeps trying to get the bug
2009-11-20 12:46:59
..hah ! got me too !
2009-11-20 12:01:12
That's funny! At first I thought there was a bug on my screen, so I kept blowing on it ;-) No surprising, because there had been a little black bug that kept coming on my screen last week for a couple of hours.