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Old Comments:

2010-03-17 20:12:10
My dad used to own chickens too. The eggs we received from them were just so good. And like you, I used to like the way they'd scratch around in the garden and make that funny noise they make. It made things feel peaceful. My dad used to have a rooster that would chase me when I fed him. I hated that time alot... :(
2010-03-17 17:04:26
We have had a number of chickens over the years, only ever tow at a time, and each one has had her own character. I really enjoy watching them potter about in the garden - and, of course, we get beautiful fresh eggs.
2010-03-17 15:47:54
Awww Gabrielle, I'm so sorry to read about your chicken dying. That is very sad...:(
2010-03-17 15:16:38
Unfortunately she recently simply sat down and died, we all miss her and Tallulah now follows the dog everywhere. We will get her a new companion chicken soon.