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Old Comments:

2010-06-21 11:26:54
You're very welcome, Jujuba. Glad to make you laugh and feel happy... :)
2010-06-21 11:07:15
@ Skip - glad you liked it dear :-) Lol @ Thirsty and Mary - you guys made me laugh :P
2010-06-21 10:51:49
How about a Mud'n'Bud Bath.... :-D
2010-06-21 10:31:07
Hay.. a Bud bath might not be all that bad on a real hot day if it was well chilled...and if you had a straw !
2010-06-21 10:27:00
Excellent pic jujuba!
2010-06-21 09:40:35
Sorry, that should read 'Mud bath'. Copied from: My heartfelt thanks to the photographer :-)