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Old Comments:

2011-03-11 08:22:38
To delete a photo just rate it down over 13 points, that's all, I don't justify it. Getty Images also exist in other sites, such as that of the author, just search... Circle? There are people who have affinity between them: tastes, so commenting. Others who have irritating especially that way of doing and they're excluded. That's all..
2011-03-11 05:04:07
'The Bear' is Connie, who, despite having spent years trying to figure out how things work behind the scenes at Pixdaus, remains as clueless as ever.
2011-03-11 04:42:31
First of all 'bad uploading' is poppy, Pixdaus' monitor. Secondly, its quite possible she deleted your pics Big Bird - the only one with the ability to delete pics and comments. Many people like JChip8 upload photos that are Getty Images and/or its indicated the pics were disabled by the photographer from being downloaded. They somehow know how to circumvent that. They keep doing that and nothing is said. The problem here Big Bird is that you are not in the 'in circle' - a group of cyberfriends who run things here.
2011-03-10 23:19:02
Correction to my statement: Of course you CAN have as many arrows as you want on your uploads, but don't be surprised if Pixdaus deletes such uploads. It's difficult to comprehend why you would WANT to post spoiled photos. Sorry to disappoint you but I don't have a user name, so how could I be ashamed of not using that which I don't have?
2011-03-10 22:29:24
And just who are you to say, that I cannot have all of the arrows I want on my uploads? To me you are simply a troll that is ashamed to use his/her own name.
2011-03-10 22:18:03
First, you guess that I removed your uploads Later, you state that I have removed them. Wrong on both counts. No, you can not have all the arrows you want on your uploads. On some sites, the arrows are there for the express purpose of preventing people like you from downloading the photos, for who else but you would want to use photos that have them? On this photo, there were previously two arrows and now none. As you seem to be able to circumvent the arrows, why not do so then? I upvote your birds all the time and respect you for stating the photographer names. But in this instance you are wrong about a lot things, and instead of admitting it, you have chosen to accuse me of things I have not done. Not cool. Have a nice day, BIG BIRD.
2011-03-10 21:44:25
No bad uploading, Pixdaus did not remove the photos, it is my guess that you did it, and just who are you anyway? Why the troll name? And just what gives you the right to remove the photo? According to Pixdaus, I can have all of the arrows that I want on any photo that I upload. When a photographer places photos on his/her own website with arrows, is it up to me to remove them? If they were offensive to that photographer, I am sure that he/she would not have them on their own website. You are right about one thing, however, the arrows were there to enable moving to the next photo by clicking on them. And, depending upon who uploaded the photo, you would not have made these comments or removed the photo in the first place. Just like the typo on the photographer's name spelling. Spelling mistakes (typos) occur hundreds of times every week on photos here, but are only brought to attention for certain posters. If you don't like a photo, or the way it is posted, vote it down or simply ignore it. Deleting it is a bit over the top.
2011-03-10 18:32:25
All the ones that disappeared had a common denominator: arrows or partial arrows (one in this picture on the right) that on some sites appear on the photos so that a viewer can click to the previous or next picture. Big Bird, if you cannot learn to save the pictures without the arrows, don't take them. More than likely, Pixdaus removed them. It is one thing to upload other people's art without permission and quite another to do it in such a manner as to ruin the photographs. The image, the way it was when you first posted it, could have absolutely been offensive to the photographer. On this picture, you have now managed to get rid of the arrows, so you can do it. Save the pictures in your own files first so you can check if the arrows are visible or not. Learn to write the photographer's name correctly, it's Peltomaki.
2011-03-10 09:50:56
This is a repost. The photo was posted yesterday and since then has simply disappeared; and it was NOT voted down and out. Four of my yesterday uploads have disappeared in this manner and I have no reason why, they were in absolutely no way offensive or distasteful to anybody.