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Old Comments:

2011-08-07 01:19:49
I like Connie but I DO NOT LIKE newbie
2011-08-07 00:52:48
Thank you! I do believe our names reflect Truth.
2011-08-05 10:45:49
I like those food pics and I DO NOT LIKE Connie
2011-08-05 06:59:56
I like those food pics and I'm NOT connie
2011-08-05 06:40:44
You are well named : )
2011-08-05 05:48:11
I like those food pics and I'm NOT Connie
2011-08-05 05:36:14
Give it up patito, nobody except Connie likes your food pictures. Even though you somehow up-vote them to large numbers, nobody really believes that these scores are really valid.