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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2011-08-07 01:54:27
Salted fish with coconut butter ? Sounds interesting, but hard to find salted fish on a menu where I live. Too much fresh seafood available year round. And strawberries. of course, go well with just abut anything. William Butler once remarked about strawberries "Doubtless God could have made a better fruit , but doubtless He never did."
2011-08-07 01:26:40
If you think Patito is boring why do you apologize? Boring people are the scabs of the earth - festering like a puss-filled sore. Then there's you - blah yuke arrgh.....
2011-08-06 23:49:42
Strawberries with eggs?? Try salted fish with coconut butter, it's better!
2011-08-06 21:20:35
Sorry: YOU are quite boring now, Patito! : )
2011-08-06 21:17:35
If it's so boring and awful here why don't you do everyone a favor and go somewhere else ?
2011-08-06 21:13:03
My pics are at the same place as yours, "Who Are You"! It is really quite boring now, Patito!
2011-08-06 21:10:44
Who are you to say ? Some of us may like these pictures? And where are your own photos ?
2011-08-06 21:06:26
Worthless uploads that reduce the quality of Pixdaus! Posted and provided with 20 cheater votes by patito!