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Old Comments:

2010-07-26 14:22:09
The event captured on video:
2010-07-23 15:53:57
I also think it´s real...why would they make it up? Those waters are full of whales, this was bound to happen some day.
2010-07-23 15:50:13
This made the news on CNN/HLN . And there was some discussion over whether or not the photo was real or photoshopped... I think it's real.
2010-07-23 06:50:39
Here's the background story to this: A Cape Town couple whale-watching off the coast of South Africa on Sunda had a terrifying run-in with a 40-tonne southern right whale that jumped and landed on their 10-metre sailboat. The whale destroyed the mast and thrashed around on the foredeck as Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes ducked. The whale slid back into the water, leaving a few bits of flesh behind, and swam off. A tourist on another boat snapped this photo. "They have very poor eyesight...the whale did not intend to attack us," Werner said. Vancouver Sun 22-07-10
2010-07-23 03:05:35
I read about this in the news yesterday...can you imagine the scare of those guys on the boat? :P