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2009-11-05 18:56:08
Hi p An old rancher was on his deathbed... Knowing that he probably would not live out the night, the rancher asked a nurse if she would call Ed and Larry, two local cattle buyers, and ask them to come to the hospital. Ed and Larry walked into the hospital room knowing that their old friend was not long for this world. After thanking them for coming, the rancher asked, "Would you two do me a favor by sitting with me until I die?" They both answered that they would stay. Then the rancher asked, "Ed, would you sit on the left side of my bed? And Larry, would you sit on the right side of my bed?" The cattle buyers seated themselves as the rancher requested. After about an hour, Ed asked the rancher. "Why do you want us on each side of you? The rancher replied, "I'm a God fearing man and I would like to die the same way Jesus died... With a thief on each side. joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon