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Old Comments:

2008-04-05 12:22:46
one is producing kilowatts one is producing gigawatts can you guess which is which? P.S. one is burning cold-war era warheads...
2008-04-04 22:38:13
Why are those wind turbines not turning? Here's a clue: The lower level of the steam plume is rising vertically because the wind is calm at ground level.
2008-04-04 09:55:40
Both are producing electricity, one produces Megawatts or tens of Megawatts, the other Hundreds of Megawats of Thousands of Megawatts
2008-04-04 09:11:50
Actually that's steam coming from cooling towers - it's not pollution unless you count water vapor as pollution. The one small dark stack is the only one emitting pollution. It's a good picture, but the description is misleading.
2008-04-04 07:26:08
And only one is polluting.
2008-03-31 02:17:29
One is releasing energy, the other absorbing ...