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Old Comments:

2011-05-12 13:08:34
oh how did you get there little doggy :-)
2010-07-13 05:15:30
Sorry, but jchip8 doesn't write in English. His secretary, Poppy, who normally responds on his/her behalf, is on a retreat at the moment. Try later.
2010-07-12 21:08:27
Do you mind if I paint your image. its very inspiring. I paint pet portraits and also anything that inspired me while raiding the internet.
2009-03-31 15:14:29
He's saying what do you mean - watch a way out. Would love to know where this is?
2009-02-18 16:07:56
Great Pic... I would swear this was taken on the top of Mt. Aeneas in Montana.
2009-01-11 15:58:58
"Please don't throw the Frisbee off here!"
2008-10-03 12:49:59
as the owner of two beautiful border collies.. I hope he.. he looks like a he.. is safe.. teetering on the edge.. they are curious creatures.. so I do sincerely hope that beautiful dog came to no harm.. great pic..
2008-08-26 12:22:11
Hope he's safer than he looks!
2008-05-21 23:03:08
awesome image
2008-05-21 21:30:32
looks like a superhero... just missing the cape.