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Old Comments:

2008-12-08 17:12:51
داش فرهاد بابا دمت گرم یک عکس پست کری و همه را گذاشتی سر کار ولی عکست قشنگه ------Photo you post is beautiful
2008-12-07 11:18:38
That's ok, I'm an old geezer myself. I spent a month in Paris in August.
2008-12-07 10:42:36
I'm an old geezer from the UK who spent a month in BC in '99. :)
2008-12-07 07:53:26
I presumed that since you drank beer there often that you live in that city and would know what SFU means. A bit of a generation gap here ;-)
2008-12-06 14:48:42
SFU?? It's just an often used quote by Walter to Donnie in The Big Lebowski.
2008-12-06 14:35:42
I think so. It was a bit of a tourist trap - high priced, mediocre food. Is STFU for SFU?
2008-12-06 14:13:27
Yep! that's me, been a few years since I've been there though. Is the place still there?
2008-12-06 08:46:56
I like your 'muxed ip'. Are you the Donnie that likes beer at Bridges?
2008-12-05 14:44:19
Farhad posted this and a pic of the gate but got his comments muxed ip.
2008-12-05 07:11:10
WTF are you babbling about??, what does a skull have to do wth the Brandenburg gate?
2008-12-02 13:15:12
The result of a drought that is long-term human being to bring the achievements of the body of the industrial nature.
2008-12-01 21:55:59
I think there are places around there where you rent 'em, although the well-prepared photographer would, of course, bring his own .
2008-12-01 21:22:13
I wonder if this skull is the same skull in every other picture of Death Valley. Or do people bring their own?