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Old Comments:

2008-07-09 01:57:20
Check out the ripple on the B-52's wing caused by the heat from its own engine.
2008-07-02 03:31:04
2008-06-26 08:24:21
The X-15 holds both the fastest and altitude records for fixed wing aircraft, both set back in the 1960's. The B-52 carrier aircraft is still in service with NASA at the Dryden Flight Research Center in California
2008-06-01 16:04:11
The Bell X-1 was the soudn barrier breaker. This plane was for tests for spaceflight if memory serves me correctly. At any rate, they could go way faster than the speed of sound...
2008-06-01 12:45:01
break sound barrier doesn't suck! living legend
2008-06-01 11:41:07
how many of you guys, actually think the same? the machine itself is awesome, but the reason why it was build just sucks...
2008-06-01 08:13:26
They had the right stuff.
2008-06-01 06:22:18
Actually a B-52 on a mission to drop the X-15 research aircraft.