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Old Comments:

2011-10-11 14:51:38
L-1011 seems to have just made up his information off the top of his head. For one thing the Stratocruiser didn't use turbo-props, but rather had plain old Pratt and Whitney radial piston engines. Those engines got good gas milage because the airplane was originally designed as a military transport, so that's why they were one of the first successful trans-oceanic airliners. Some 377's were converted to what were called Guppies in the 1960's and those airplane were fitted with turbo props, so maybe that's the source of L-1011's confusion. And as FT correctly points out, the Stratocruiser most certainly was a double decker.
2011-10-11 14:45:37
Tin Type = patito crap pic posted by patito few months ago. then also upvoted with his 20 cheater votes. like this time. it's nothing more then destroying pixdaus by a massive upload of crap pics.
2011-10-11 14:25:33
This is what Tin Type said it is: Boeing Stratocruiser (Boeing 377). "The aircraft also had two decks. The upper deck was for economy class customers, while the lower was a VIP lounge and bar. Passengers could walk down and get a drink on the long flights, once the plane leveled off at cruising altitude. Most Stratocruisers had economy seats on both decks." I used to travel in first class of Boeing 747s at the time when there was a lounge/bar upstairs, so I know well what 747s look like. Stratocruiser lower lounge
2011-10-11 14:11:19
I've never been inside a 747 but doubt seriously that this photo was taken inside one, because no man in the western world wore suits with lapels like that in 1970 when the 747 was first introduced as a passenger plane, L-1011's statement that it dates from 1960 notwithstanding.
2011-10-11 13:14:43
What you are seeing here is business class seating. People really did dress up to fly in the 1950's. However the dress code was a bit more relaxed in coach class. Suits and neckties on the men was expected in business and 1st class, however.
2011-10-11 13:09:18
This is NOT the Boeing Stratocruiser. What IS shown in the photo is the upper deck of the Boeing 747. In most current configurations of the B-747 this upper deck is used for business class seating. In other earlier configurations this upper deck was often used as a lounge area for 1st and business class passengers. The Boeing Stratocruiser was an earlier model that was built just after the 2nd world war. Because it was turboprop driven, rather than pure jet, it did not last long but would have still been flying in 1952. The B-747 is still flying and dates back to approximately 1960. It is a double decked aircraft, which the Stratocruiser wasn't and it is a much larger aircraft. On the upper deck it is 2 X 2 seating with a single aisle, however on the lower deck, in coach, it is 2 X 5 X 2 with double aisles.
2011-10-11 10:04:41
Yes, they really did. They also dressed up like that when they went out to eat. Society has become so relaxed. What's left ? ? ?
2011-10-11 08:08:56
Flying used to be far more expensive than it is now, so not a lot of people could afford it. Since you were spending so much money, wouldn't you want to look your best on the flight?
2011-10-11 05:16:51
Did people really used to dress up like that to fly? Dudes wearing suits, ladies with hats? No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, t shirts ?