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2010-06-18 00:10:43
Awww... :) You are too, Skip. You are very lovely to speak to. Thankyou for being so kind... :)
2010-06-18 00:03:20
You're such a sweetie! :)
2010-06-18 00:00:48
Thanks Skip. Sorry for the misunderstanding there...:) I thought that too about Triple D, but I thought also that I would give him the benefit of the doubt, just in case...
2010-06-17 23:57:48
Well that's what I meant by joking Mary, I meant you were not serious about cuddling a wild animal but you would like to if he was not wild, nevermind, I thought Triple D, was sounding like we did not know any better, and I was pointing out that we like to have fun in comments.
2010-06-17 23:47:44
I wasn't joking, Skip. I'd REALLY love to cuddle him...:) I know though that it's impossible, as long as they are wild...:(
2010-06-17 23:39:02
I knew that too, Triple D, but I knew Mary/PictureGirl was smart enough to already know that, and just joking, or saying she would like to cuddle him, if she could, it's nice to be able to joke around here and have some friendly people to converse with.
2010-06-17 17:10:28
Oh I realize that, Triple D. I know that these guys are wild and to proceed with caution, should you want to try and even stand next to them, let alone cuddle them. Still, I would love to cuddle him anyway. Even lions, tigers, cheetahs. I love all kinds of cats, wild or tame. Thankyou for the warning though, Triple D. I appreciate it very much. Hope your day is going well... :)
2010-06-17 16:42:33
PictureGirl, you would not want to try to cuddle this guy, he is basically a wild animal and would tear your face off if you tried. This photo was shot at the 'Triple D Game Farm' near Kalispel, Montana, USA. This is a very large game farm for native animals that is open to photographers but not hunters. The animals here are basically in the wild and in their natural habitat, but still contained on the farm. Since they have been here all their lives they are accustomed to human presence but far from tame. Because of this photographers can approach and photograph relatively good photos with a 200 to 300 mm lens, something that is essentially impossible it truly in the wild. However, should you attempt to approach closer, the animal (bobcat in this case) would be quite alarmed and would react very unpredictably. Don't confuse these wild beasts with one of your tame housecats. By the way it is quite common for photographs of wild animals to be shot on game farms such as Triple D. It takes far too much time, patience and luck for photographers to get shots like this otherwise.
2010-06-17 15:25:09
Yes Skip. You are soooo right about me loving cats. I can't help it. I just feel so at home with them around me... :)
2010-06-17 15:11:52
He does look kinda cuddly, but you just LOVE cats Mary! that's ok, I do too :)
2010-06-17 15:08:25
I'd love to cuddle him.... :)
2010-06-17 15:07:16
I like the expression on his face, and it looks like he's posing there with the flowers.
2010-06-17 14:17:40
so pretty ;)