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Old Comments:

2009-12-06 01:12:49
I stand corrected, ffffolks! Of course it's Bobby - the meds I am taking for my eye condition must be affecting my memory. A few years back, I was in the Hebridies doing a study on the Black Guillemots' breeding habits. I'd rented a cottage at the Portree harbour, and used to have my supper at the local pub called the Lobster Pot. There was an old upright piano standing in the corner of the lounge bar, and a couple of times a week a man came in to play and sing. Those nights, the pub was full to burstin' and the drinks flowed like the brooks in the hills... The man had the sweetest voice that I had ever heard, and the songs that he sang were his own. Story goes that recording companies were after him in droves, but he had turned them all down - would not make money out of his voice or songs. That was Bobby Moorland. Good to know that he's still around, farming and tending his sheep. If you're ever there, go to the Lobster Pot on Tuesdays or Saturdays to hear him sing...
2009-12-05 23:28:09
Yep, that's right...Bobby is almost fifty years old but he still lives there at the Old Moorland Place since Ol' Man Buster Moorland died after runnin' over hisself with the shredder a few years back,and then Minnie had that stroke back in '92 and Bobby's pretty much had to run the farm, not to mention take care of his Momma who can't get around without her walker and don't even know who she is half the time on acount of that Old Timer's she's got, and Buddy lives about two hours away and has the glaucoma so bad he can't hardly drive anymore, and Brandy is still somewhere in California and don't even so much as write a letter to her Momma, though she does call once in a while, but then she mainly just talks about herself and what a big house she's got and how much money Maurice makes. Brandy was always real self-centered and wasn't much help even when she was still livin' at home.
2009-12-05 22:58:11
No no - you're wrong Poppy - Bobby Moorland lives in that house to the right : )
2009-12-05 17:45:34
Happy Saturday to you, too, Miss Grumpy.
2009-12-05 17:15:10
Yes indeed, you're so right. Pixdaus must be so grateful to have your as their Monitor.
2009-12-05 16:44:44
BOGGY Moorland..., not BOBBY Moorland...