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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2009-05-07 09:15:09
I've seen his pics already A Bouts, but that was not the name he had under the pics I looked at and posted, it was.. yoshimoto02(christian) a funny coincidence was that both jacksparrow and I started, posting his pics yesterday, I think because we realized that people here were loosening up a little, and accepting some of the more artistic types of pics.
2009-05-07 08:55:12
Jack, when you post give the photogs credit, like "by frenzypic" in your descriptions and or tags. If it is still a problem for frenzypic then they can go through the proper channels to have it removed. I don't think "LOL" would be a good response. Like Skip says we all post pics from others. But we need to be mindful to give credit when we can. Just like when Obama screws up. I am the first to give him credit. ;-) And Skip [who is a Lady and not a Dude] go to frenzypic's link they have some nice pics to pick from.
2009-05-07 08:45:58
Somebody seems very jelous, jacksparrow, I posted this photographers work too. practically everyone who posts here are posting other people's pictures. why single out jacksparrow? unless maybe your'e another poster who's jelous. by the way I did not go to the link but I'm assuming it tells something about the photographer.
2009-05-07 06:45:55
This is not jacksparrows pic. He is violating copyright laws. Look here at