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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-10-02 19:34:11
Yes, most of us like to know where and what things are, but some posters do not care to add any info even if such info is available at source. Too often, though, the photos come with no info, so we cannot give what we haven't got.... I only traced the info for jchip8's pic because I am interested in flowers myself, and someone (you, Gabrielle) wanted to know.
2009-10-02 12:58:06
Wonderful to be surrounded by blue!
2009-10-02 12:06:31
Thank you, Poppy, I really like to know where and what things are - it comes from being a mapmaker once upon a time. It looks very beautiful, doesn't it. A great idea to plant such swathes of one blue.
2009-10-01 19:30:03
The photo is taken at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, Japan. The photographer is Nacho Valo, not Naco Valo. The fowers are Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii). Nemophila is a combination of two Greek words: nemos (small forest) and phileo (love). Hitachi Seaside Park has an annual flower festival called "Nemophila Harmony" when 4.5 million nemophilas blossom over the "Miharashi No Oka", a hill commanding a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.
2009-10-01 18:10:32
2009-10-01 11:57:06
So much blue, very unusual. Where is this? What are the pretty flowers?